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What is Pioneer Business Planting

Pioneer Business Planting Live

Pioneer Business Planting is a five-day consultation focused on extending the reach of the Gospel while creating financial sustainability for church planters and other leaders/believers.

Each consultation is customized to the needs of the participants through facilitating conversation, active listening, storytelling, and hands on experiential learning through activity-based exercises. 

The first two days focus on the mindset topics like:

  1. God is the Owner of our business, we are His stewards
  2. Work is worship
  3. Sacred/secular divide
  4. How to use business as a means to extend the gospel


The last three days we focus on:

  1. Process of business planting
  2. How to find a good business idea
  3. Leadership
  4. Problem solving skills
  5. How to write a businessplan
  6. Funding
  7. Ethics in business
  8. Customers
  9. Marketing
  10. Budgeting and many more elements of starting a business.


We target church planters, pastors that work among the neglected and unreached people groups.