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Learn to start a Kingdom business that helps you make disciples and reach the unreached

Let's think about a worker in Asia who wants to reach the unreached...

His name is Nivaan. He has a passion to reach an unreached people group close to where he lives. He decides to pray for this people group and together with his team he is making plans to go and plants churches among them.

He wants to learn more about Gods Word and opens an app on his phone to read and hear the bible in his own language. He also wants to learn how to make disciples and plants churches and follows a training about this on the app by listening to some teachings and applying what he is learning. He gathers some friends to learn together and shares passages and teachings from this app to his friends WITHOUT having access to expensive internet. He just sets up a local network to share the lessons to their phones.

When he goes to make disciples and plant churches among this people group, he also needs to provide for his family and wants to learn how to start a business. He opens the app and takes the Pioneer Business Planting Online course.

Through 40 short animated video’s (all with voice over and subtitles in his own language) he learns that God is the Owner of his business and he himself is a steward. He learns about how to combine business and church planting, how to write a good business plan, how to fund his business and how to find a good business idea. He receives a certificate at the end and gets connected to a coach who helps him implement and encourages him. He takes the course together with his team.

Nivaan and his team are encouraged and equipped to go and reach the unreached people group! He and his team are ready to plant businesses and churches.

Challenges of movements of the gospel

Right now there are 1855 level 5 movements of the gospel in the world consisting of 99 million believers and 6.8 million churches.

Most of these movements take place among the unreached places and have multiple challenges.

Source: 24:14

It takes time, patience, and perseverance to connect with unreached.

Traditional missionary models of sending people based on support has become more difficult. There are more barriers to securing visas for difficult to access places.

The dependency on donor money for local indigenous workers is not reproducible or sustainable.

Sustainability is a barrier among workers and movements.

COVID has created access barriers, travel restrictions, and health requirements for many hard to access regions.

Our solution: Pioneer Business Planting

Pioneer Business Planting is a strategy focused on reaching the unreached people groups and extending the reach of the Gospel while creating financial sustainability for church planters and other leaders/ believers. It works very well along side Church Planting Movements.

The intended outcome is a viable, legitimate, profitable business that provides a product or service that does not currently exist in the region in order to serve the local community through meeting physical, social, and spiritual needs.

Pioneer Business Planting consists of a Graphic Curriculum including games, exercises and stories and specially designed for oral cultures from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East. 

Pioneer Business Planting in numbers

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"The Pioneer Business Planting online training is simple and practical! The Business Model Canvas provided inspiration for laying out all of our ideas in a clear and concise way which inspired a new vantage point and suggested simple changes on a previously inoperable model to make it profitable and appealing to for our expat family to provide value to the people of another country that we may not have been otherwise able to stay in long term!"


Using business to reach the unreached in Malawi

Gastern from Malawi attended a Pioneer Business Planting and he never did proper budgeting for his life and business. He never saved and knew little about bookkeeping. After the training, he started to work on a business plan and opened his first business: a restaurant and small lodge.

When fishermen travel through his village, they need a proper place to eat and sleep. Gastern gives them food and a place to sleep in his simple lodge. While these Muslim men are eating, he plays the audio bible in their language. One day he prayed for a Muslim guy, whose wife left him. A few days later his wife came back.

Gastern started a small grocery shop attached to his restaurant and has planted a big garden from the profits of his businesses. He just finished building his own house.

Pioneer Business Planting Online

Online course to start Kingdom business


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Pioneer Business Planting Partners

Pioneer Business Planting is a joined effort of multiple organizations and is aimed to serve every denomination and organization that is working among the unreached.


Pioneer Business Planting is an open source project funded by generous donors. You can use, distribute, and share the videos anywhere you want.

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