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Help take Pioneer Business Planting Online

Thank you for considering a donation to start businesses to reach the unreached! 


  • Create 40 animated videos for Pioneer Business Planting Online
  • Build website and learning management system

Deadline: end of 2022

$25,000 fully funded

Phase 2

  • Create translations of PBP in Chichewa (Malawi) and Hindi (India)
  • Set up app for East Africa app and India

Deadline: end of 2023

$25,000 needed
0% funded

Phase 3

  • Develop translations of the online PBP in Arabic and Chinese language
  • Set up and distribute the app in Arabic and Chinese

Deadline: TBD

$25,000 needed
0% funded

Phase 4

  • Create a micro learning app to learn quicker
  • Create an online community to learn from one another and coach each other

Deadline: TBD


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